This page has established and published the following privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as “this policy”) regarding the handling of user information in smartphone applications provided by “Small Inventions”, the developer of this page.

Before installing the application provided by “Small Inventions”, please read the following and understand the contents before using the application.

For the purpose of this policy, “user information” shall mean information pertaining to the identification of the customer, behavioral history on communication services, and other information generated, used, or accumulated in connection with the customer on the customer’s smartphone, which is acquired by “Small Inventions” in accordance with this policy.

The following two types of user information are used by the application.

The possibility of transmitting part of your information for the purpose of displaying advertisements.

The app may transmit some of your information to display advertisements, and may use access analysis tools to collect information about your use of the app.

Displaying ads in apps

This application may transmit some of your information for the purpose of displaying ads. The display of advertisements uses the service of Admob, a service of Google, Inc. and this application provides Google user information.

For more information about user information and purpose, please refer to the Privacy Policy for Google’s service below.

Contact us

Name: Small Invention (japanese name:小さな発明)

Address: Wabunkasuisinkyoukainai, Kyouei Bld.2kai, 44chi, Sujaku Hozocho, Kyoto Shi Shimogyo Ku, Kyoto Fu, 600-8846, Japan

Please note that we only accept inquiries by e-mail.

Access Analysis of the Application

This application uses an access analysis tool to collect information on the usage of the application. Google Analytics is used for access analysis. This application sends screen IDs and user information to Google Analytics when screen transitions are made.

Inquiries from the individual

Small Inventions” will not provide personal information to third parties without prior consent of the individual, except as required by the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations.

Compliance and review of laws and regulations

Small Inventions” will comply with Japanese laws, regulations, and other rules applicable to personal information held by the company, and will review and improve the contents of this policy as necessary.

Procedures for changing the privacy policy

Small Inventions will review the operation of the handling of user information from time to time and strive for continuous improvement, and may change this policy as necessary.